Scandinavian Designers Mini

One wallpaper. One thousand tales.

Scandinavian Designers Mini is a collection of children’s wallpapers that showcase Scandinavian heritage while giving children, play and the imagination their rightful place on the walls.

These playful wallpapers feature fantastic patterns from some of Sweden’s foremost children’s artists and playtime inspirations: Elsa Beskow, Stig Lindberg and BRIO, as well as Boråstapeter’s own designer Amanda Nordblad. Playful nostalgia and beloved fairytale figures meet contemporary looks and lively wallpaper patterns that stimulate children’s creativity and imagination.

Bring playfulness onto your walls!

For each wallpaper roll sold from Scandinavian Designers Mini, SEK 15 will go directly to Unicef’s work in aid of children’s rights.

Elsa Beskow’s beautiful fairytale world

Many of us who grew up with Elsa Beskow’s wonderful fantasy world would like to share her cultural legacy with the next generation. Blomsterfesten, Pyrola and Vide are some of her illustrations that have sparked children’s imaginations and encouraged play and creativity over the years. Elsa Beskow’s breakthrough came in 1901, with Putte i Blåbärsskogen (“Peter in Blueberry Land”), and today she is one of Sweden’s best-known children’s illustrators. Her many books are still in print, and it is wonderful to now be able to present wallpapers of these fairytale treasures, which also depict children’s worlds in a natural, tender-hearted way.


The Lingonberry Girls, Blueberry Boys, Blueberry King and Putte are nostalgia-filled motifs by Elsa Beskow that have now been transformed into a wallpaper for children’s rooms. The fairytale adventure of the friends in the blueberry forest makes for a playful children’s wallpaper packed full of lovely details.


Meet the harebell from Blommornas Bok (“the Book of Flowers”) by Jeanna Oterdahl and Elsa Beskow. Boråstapeter has carefully reworked this pattern to create a modern yet classical children’s wallpaper – perfect for an accent wall in a children’s room.


Who wouldn’t sleep well next to Elsa Beskow’s willow? Boråstapeter has transformed this gently lilting willow lullaby into a lovely children’s wallpaper – perfect for a small children’s room.

Wallpapers with BRIO’s classic icons

The fun starts here! BRIO has been inspiring children’s imaginations since its very beginnings in 1884 in Osby, Skåne County. The colourful, durable toys stimulate all the senses and encourage the development of small bodies and minds. With a clean, simple design, BRIO’s toys open up a whole new world of play that is as limitless as the imagination. These are toys that get children moving, laughing and being creative. Using BRIO’s classic icons, Boråstapeter has prepared the groundwork for some really playful walls and spaces. The dachshund, ladybird, duck and giraffe are all featured, as are the trains, trucks and clown. The fun never ends!


Boråstapeter has developed this fanciful wallpaper pattern based on BRIO’s watchwords of playfulness and colour. How many ducks can you spot? What colours do you see? Where is the giraffe?

BRIO Icons

BRIO’s classic forms bring a childishly fun world of play to the wall. The ladybird, plane and truck are just some of the figures that have now been transformed into a design wallpaper for children’s rooms.

Playful patterns from Stig Lindberg

Stig Lindberg was an imaginative, playful jack of all trades whose creative designs have had a huge impact on Swedish homes. Day in, day out, his works can be seen on kitchen tables, in children’s books, on upholstery and – not least – on our walls. Here, Boråstapeter has developed two quintessential patterns in order to spread Stig Lindberg’s creativity and playful message further. Turn your walls into a stage for the characters from the Krakel Spektakel books, or decorate them with the timeless and unmistakable Berså pattern, now available in new colours.

Berså II

We have lovingly adapted Stig Lindberg’s classic Berså motif, with the growing leaf becoming even more playful in its larger scale. Five mild pastels that work well in family rooms and children’s rooms alike.

Boråstapeter’s Design Studio

Hand-drawn patterns for children from Boråstapeter’s own Design Studio round off the Scandinavian Designers Mini collection. Designer Amanda Nordblad gives these well known storytime friends, colourful illustrations and classic icons some additional company in the form of fantasy characters and patterns with a new, contemporary look. Playful narrative patterns feature wonderful squirrels out exploring, hooting owls in hats and polar bears out for a swim – all of which potential future classics. The rich detail of the Scandinavian Designers Mini collection will get the creative juices flowing and encourage a budding playfulness.


A hand-drawn wallpaper for children’s rooms that sees squirrels swinging, hanging upside down and gathering acorns. The contrasts, details and vibrant colours get the imagination going in this narrative pattern, created in Boråstapeter’s Design Studio.


Our wonderful polar bear swims and frolics among lovely little water bubbles. This mint-green children’s wallpaper of a shaggy polar bear makes for a reassuring presence in children’s rooms. The polar bear seems to never want to stop playing! Designed by Helene Ekblom for Boråstapeter’s Design Studio.


Beautiful clouds of different shapes that extend right the way across the wall. Here is the lovely children’s wallpaper Claudia.

Buddy Birds

There are many details hidden among the foliage and hatted bird friends depicted in this hand-drawn wallpaper by Boråstapeter. Fantasy birds and owls play on the walls in this very lovable narrative wallpaper pattern.


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