Effortlessly stylish, timeless and harmonious. Single-coloured wallpaper with a Linen texture gives rooms a still shimmer and a soft textile feel.
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White Linen
White Linen41 colors
Light Linen
Light Linen41 colors
Soaped Oak
Soaped Oak41 colors
Muscot Linen
Muscot Linen41 colors
Linen Sand
Linen Sand41 colors
Airy Grey
Airy Grey41 colors
Dim Linen
Dim Linen41 colors
Linen Oat
Linen Oat41 colors
Deep Lake
Deep Lake41 colors
Cloudy Linen
Cloudy Linen41 colors
Bay Leaf
Bay Leaf41 colors
Calm White
Calm White41 colors
Cream Linen
Cream Linen41 colors
Soft Linen
Soft Linen41 colors
Linen Fiber
Linen Fiber41 colors
Flax Fiber
Flax Fiber41 colors
Natural Linen
Natural Linen41 colors
Linen Beige
Linen Beige41 colors
Golden Linen
Golden Linen41 colors
Dove Grey
Dove Grey41 colors
Ash Grey
Ash Grey41 colors
Rose Clay
Rose Clay41 colors
Soft Blush
Soft Blush41 colors
Heather41 colors