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Coloured in contrasting shades of deep blue, our Gradient wallpaper is a perfect example of playful, contemporary styling. Incorporating an intricate zigzag pattern made up of tiny graphic-inspired shapes, it adds a modern edge to homes in need of that extra something. Hang it in your living room or kitchen for a look that’s fashion forward and flamboyant.

Would you like a sample of Gradient sent directly to your door? Simply click on the link above! Alternatively, our store locator tool will reveal your nearest retailer in the UK or around the world. Understated in its elegance, Gradient features a unique diagonal pattern. A beautiful blend of lines and chevrons creates both a gorgeously retro feel and a truly sophisticated visual character, making it wonderfully-suited for use in stairwells and open plan spaces. 

Curious to see how the Gradient wallpaper suits a room in your home? Then order a sample (above) or visit your nearest retailer in the UK, or internationally, with our store locator tool.

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