Drawing inspiration from the opulence of some of the finest wallpaper patterns throughout history, our exquisite Anno collection offers a captivating timeline that showcases 18 timelessly beautiful and classically elegant styles.

While capturing our cultural heritage in a unique and entirely individual way, the collection covers a period spanning from the gorgeously drawn patterns of the 1500s all the way through to the glamour and sophistication of the 1920s.

Aiming to keep alive the historic artistry of interior designers - the moments of genius created by past masters of the craft - our Anno collection offers the opportunity to enjoy some the greatest design works of all time, on your own walls at home.

Browse the Anno collection and find your favourite wallpaper design!


With its beautifully detailed pattern of roses and looping vines, our Rosenvinge design was inspired by the discovery of an original Renaissance wallpaper on the walls of a beautiful old building with a rich history and royal connections.


Based on a rococo pattern from the 1800s, wallpaper similar to this was found on the walls of a beautiful, antiquated summer residence – one whose gardens were filled with wildflowers like the ones incorporated in its elegant imagery.


Inspired by remnants of wallpaper found hanging in the old Drottningholm Palace Theatre, this delectable design of looping floral patterns and banded daisies dates back to 1766, and the time of Gustav III.


A beautifully designed wallpaper with coloured flowers of mauve, gold and peacock green set against a soft cream backdrop. Our Tessin wallpaper is inspired by a rococo print found in the 18th-century manor house of a famous count.


Inspired by the spatter paint patterns of the late 18th and early 19th centuries, our eclectic Johan wallpaper brings to life the texture and aesthetic of stone or a sandy beach, with their fine and unique and detailing.


With its intricate imagery and delicate pastel water colours, our stunning Slottsteatern wallpaper takes its floral print and vertical band design from an 18th century Gustavian pattern.


Based on a beautiful stencil pattern painted in 1850, our Nyborg wallpaper mingles three vividly lovely colours to create a truly enchanting end result.


With its artfully drawn floral imagery, our Krusenberg wallpaper is inspired by the late empire style of the 1830s. Featuring lifelike flowers of pastel pink and peach with dashes of red, combined with daintily trailing green leaves, this design will enhance any interior.


Drawing its inspiration from the intricately drawn patterns and masterful compositions of the 1800s, our Blomslinga wallpaper is luxurious and calming depiction of a garden at first light.


Inspired by the extravagant ornamental patterns that were so popular in the late 1800s, our Foglavik wallpaper is decorated with densely clustered medallion patterns.


Based upon the stylish ornamental wallpaper that once graced the rooms of 19th century aristocratic abodes, our Pigkammaren pattern is beautifully printed with regularly recurring motifs.


Based on the stylised flower patterns perfected by 19th century wallpaper designers, our Loka print plays on colour inversions to create a hypnotic and wholly attractive effect, one that draws the eye and holds it.


Based on a beautifully drawn medallion wallpaper that once hung on the walls of a Swedish royal residence, our Sofia design is delectable in its detail.


With its enchanting art nouveau aesthetic, our Nora wallpaper was inspired by the delicate turn of the century elegance of vintage interior styling.


With its Grecian columns and carefully composed floral imagery, our Ellen wallpaper emulates the art nouveau style of the early 20th century.


Emulating the bold style of ornamental art, our Siri wallpaper displays the unashamed opulence of antiquity. With beautifully drawn floral blooms and the luxurious spill of foliage, it is deliciously decadent.


Inspired by an original 1920s wallpaper discovered in a beautiful turn of the century house, our Ulricehamn pattern features highly stylised flower vines alongside a delicate grid print.


With its intricately detailed tapestry style aesthetic, our Waldemar wallpaper draws its inspiration from the interior masterpieces of the 19th century.


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