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How to hang paper wallpaper

Wallpaper provides a cosy, warm feeling. The quality of the paper is adaptable and flexible to work with and covers the surface well. Many wallpapers are hung with an overlap, others can be hung edge-to-edge. Read the accompanying instructions carefully. They will also include product information regarding pattern matching and recommended adhesive.


Step 1. 

Paste the wallpaper. Spread the adhesive evenly over the entire strip. Begin in the centre and work out to the edges.

“Don’t skimp on paste!”


Step 2.

Fold over the paper 3/4 of the way from the upper edge, and the remainder from the bottom edge. Paste several strips at a time.

Leave the strips to rest for at least 10 minutes before hanging them. This helps to ensure they are thoroughly moistened.


Step 3.

Unfold the top section of the strip. Hang the top half of the strip overlapping the cornice by a few centimetres. Use a plumb line to make sure the first strip is straight.

Release the bottom section of the strip and smooth it down. Brush the strip down firmly using a paperhanger's brush. Smooth it out from the middle to the edges.


Step 4. 

Press the paper firmly and carefully along cornices and skirtings.

“Cut cleanly with a sharp tool.”