Paradise Birds

1,00 € / Sample
Oriental Dreams

Paradise Birds

1,00 € / Sample

Inspired by the antiquated elegance of traditional Chinese wall art, our Paradise Birds paper blends intricate depictions of flora and fauna with a delicate palette of pinks and greens. These details are strikingly offset by the most gorgeous golden backdrop. Together they add the perfect artistic accent to chic and simple interiors.

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  • Brand Boråstapeter
  • Collection Oriental dreams
  • Roll Width 0.53 m
  • Roll length 10.05 m
  • Repeatsize 76.00 cm
  • Primary color Yellow
  • Secondary color Pink
  • Effects Mica
  • Pattern Floral
  • Style Romantic
  • Nuance Dark
  • Room type Livingroom
  • Drop type Half drop

Environment & certifications

  • Non-woven wallpaper that means you apply adhesive directly to the wall.

  • Our wallpapers are CE-marked, for the highest standards in health, safety and environmental protection.

  • Mark of Quality. Assurance from the International Wallcovering Manufacturers Association (IGI).

  • The raw wood material we use for our paper comes from sustainably managed forests.

All you need to know

Delivery information: Samples will be sent directly to your home within 2 working days. Wallpaper can only be ordered via your local reseller online or bought from a physical store. Returns & refunds: Samples are not refundable. If you want to return your wallpaper or have any other issues, contact the reseller where you bought/collected your wallpaper.

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1,00 € / Sample
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