Malin’s beige Nocturne

Malin’s beige Nocturne features shades of white and beige with tiny details in gold. Malin chose to repaper her home office and here she gives her top tips for successful wallpapering and styling.

About Malin

Name: Malin Persson
Age: 40 years
Lives: Bellevue, Malmö
Instagram: @themalinpersson


How would you describe your style? 

– Sustainable and stylish. 

Why did you choose this particular colour scheme? 

– I love the hand-painted floral design and the fact that the colour of the wallpaper is cool and elegant. It brings a wonderful sense of calm to my home office and that’s exactly what I was trying to achieve – a restful but at the same time cosy feel. I also love the fact that the paper shows delightful glimmers of gold when the afternoon sun peeks in through the window.

What would you say that wallpaper does for a room? 

– I love the fact that there are so many wonderful designs to choose from, and wallpaper on its own is a very simple way to change the look of a room. In addition, it’s great that you can use wallpaper in so many different ways: on feature walls, papering the whole room, or why not paper the ceiling?

Curious to see the wallpaper?

The soft cream and beige hues of this exquisite Nocturne wallpaper are chosen by Malin Persson. For an added touch of luxury, certain flowers have gold elements which shimmer as the light catches them.

Pick up colours from the wallpaper on textiles and decor

What are your top 3 tips for matching wallpaper and design with the rest of your furnishings? 

  1. Before wallpapering it’s a good idea to think about what sort of feel you want the room to have and what furniture the wallpaper needs to coordinate with. Sometimes your favourite furniture may determine the colour of the wallpaper rather than the other way round
  2. Pick out colours from the wallpaper in textiles and other interior furnishings in order to create a uniform backdrop that you can then tweak and add more contrasting colours.  
  3. In my office at home I’ve echoed the muted beige and brown tones in my woodwork, creating an appealing interplay with the wallpaper and accentuating it beautifully. 

"In order to highlight the shimmers of gold in the wallpaper I’ve added a brass desk lamp as a finishing touch!"


Personal and sustainable

How do you create your own style? 

– For me, it’s mostly a case of incorporating objects that reveal something about me as a person. You could call this type of furnishing storytelling. In other words, the things I have on display tell a story about me and my family. Who we are, where we’ve been... What our family is interested in... 

"When you furnish in this way, your home becomes highly individual, and no two homes are alike! If you want to furnish your home in an individual and sustainable way, it’s important to try and find your inner essence and then apply this to your home." 

Malin’s 3 tips for successful wallpapering

  1. Have a really sharp knife blade when cutting wallpaper. 
  2. Don’t skimp on the paste.
  3. Have clean cloths to hand to wipe off excess paste straight away!

"Many people think that wallpapering is really complicated, but with new, modern wallpapers it’s super-easy and there’s no need for a pasting tableor messing around with paste. We paste the wallpaper directly on the wall."

Celebrating a modern floral classic

This beloved design from Boråstapeter’s archive has been carefully updated by our design studio, and is now available in an exclusive new print with hints of gold. A future classic with timeless charm in trendproof shades of green, wine-red and beige.

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