Scandinavian Designers

Wallpapers by Scandinavian designers is a unique collection in which we put classic Scandinavian designs on the walls. We have gathered twelve distinctive and original patterns from the foremost designers of the 1950s: Arne Jacobsen, Sven Markelius, Karl Axel Pehrson and Stig Lindberg, and made them into wallpaper.


Design by Arne Jacobsen.


A classic, graphic pattern based on reversed trapezes, originally designed for fabric in the 1950’s. The simplicity is a stroke of genius and makes the pattern perfect for wallpapers too. A favourite amongst architects and interior designers. Design by Arne Jacobsen.


Design by Arne Jacobsen.


Timeless yet modem design runs through all of Arne Jacobsen's work, so it is an extra source of joy that Klöver and his other textile patterns from the 1950s are now being reproduced as wallpaper.


This is a never previously published design, making it one of the collection's absolute highlights. Design by Stig Lindberg.


Stig Lindberg’s timeless design is just as contemporary and popular as during his heydays in the 1950’s when his textiles, china, illustrations for children’s books and television sets were featured in every Swedish home. And now you’ll find his playful, slightly surrealistic, extremely beautiful and decorative patterns on walls all over the place.


Design by Stig Lindberg.


Design by Stig Lindberg.


As Sven Markelius drew the decor for several of his functionalist buildings, it was natural for him to design textile prints. This small pattern was exhibited internationally as a representative of Swedish textile design in the 1950s.


Design by Sven Markelius.


Ratio is a new interpretation of a selected section of the pattern Pythagoras by Sven Markelius. His architectural background is evident in his design. The tri-mitre square, every architect’s favorite tool, was a great inspiration in his designs.

Delfinisk Rörelse

Simply stylized dolphin bodies that glide forward in geometric shapes form Karl Axel Pehrson's best known work of art, which was discovered by textile designer Astrid Sampe at an exhibition in 1954. Our Delfinisk Rörelse is digital-print wallpaper with a pattern repeat.


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