Cottage Garden

Traditional Scandinavian style is blended with romantic expressions found in English country cottages. Our Cottage Garden collection covers 35 harmonious wallpapers with elegant rustic style.

Available in four beautiful colour variations, our Nightingale Garden wallpaper is inspired by the wonderful woven patterns of Jacquard fabric and the intricate detail of opulent oriental rugs. With its tactile texture and rich rustic character, it fills the room with a fresh and vibrant floral design, creating the perfect space for welcoming visitors. Ideal for a stand-out feature wall or for all four walls in a living room, hallway or dining area.

A beautifully crafted collection full of character in design and in texture, Cottage Garden is made to be loved.

This collection of wallpaper will grace the walls of your bedroom, living room or kitchen. Its ambience is warm, artistic and poetic. Inspired by the British masterpieces written by Jane Austen and Virginia Wolf, Cottage Garden is a wallpaper collection in delicate, muted tones, with the occasional touch of bright colours. Beautiful hand-painted floral designs add a rich and vivid mood. While others patterns are captured in airy watercolours or express the more rustic feel of woven fabric and understated whitewashed walls. 

Bringing to life the romance and beauty of an English summer garden, our Laura’s Cottage wallpaper depicts flowers and foliage in soft watercolours twisting gently across a softly patinated background. Available in five pretty palettes, the wallpaper has a vintage feel that is calm, fresh and enchanting. Hang it in your bedroom, kitchen or living room for a harmonious and tranquil aesthetic.

Cottage Garden - All wallpapers

Cottage Garden 3567

Weaver´s Wall

Cottage Garden 3568

Weaver´s Wall

Cottage Garden 3569

Molly´s Meadow

Cottage Garden 3570

Molly´s Meadow

Cottage Garden 3571

Molly´s Meadow

Cottage Garden 3582

Helen´s Flower


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