Discover patterns by three of Sweden’s most creative design minds. Our collaboration reimagines classic wallpaper with a bold and playful twist.

boråstapeter studio


Hand-painted motifs from three inspirational Swedish designers will dress your walls with unique and playful expressions.
PHOTO: Gustaf Peterson

Our stunningly crafted collection introduces new and imaginative expressions for wallpaper.

Nurturing the long-standing Swedish tradition of strong collaborations between manufacturers and designers, our Collabs collection is an exciting partnership with three wonderful creators from Borås, Sweden.

Illustrator and designer Astrid Wilson, creator and stylist Hanna Marzouki Widlund, and furniture designer Gustaf Westman inject their design philosophies from different fields to create custom-made, digitally printed wallpapers that push the boundaries of what is possible in interior design.

Hand-painted patterns are combined with playful colours and expert craftsmanship to create beautiful and contemporary wallpaper. Bold, bright and optimistic, the multi-colour wallpapers exude confidence and vibrancy in your bedroom, living room or kitchen.

Astrid Wilson
– I did the background for the pattern back in May 2020. It was a sketch I wanted to refine for ages, so when the commission came from Boråstapeter, it felt right to go with that one. Read more about Astrid.

Hanna MW
– I didn’t want to just design a wallpaper to fit into my current home, but one I can have in all my future interiors. Read more about Hanna.

Gustaf Westman
– I like to work conceptually, so I did a mural which was then photographed and rendered as a wallpaper to put up on a wall at home. Read more about Gustaf.


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