The beloved Blomsterhav

Noomi Spange, designer at Boråstapeter, painted the floral wallpaper Blomsterhav – a lush floral dream filled with childhood favourites. The flowers in the pattern originated from a large digital textile print that she created for her beloved mother’s 70th birthday.

The pattern Blomsterhav brings together a medley of flowers from Noomi’s childhood, most of which can be found in her parents’ lush garden. The lupins that have almost completely taken over in the chicken run, the snake’s-head fritillary that peep out discretely from under the redcurrant bush by the dam, the soapwort that pop up a little all over the place, and the valerians, tall and beautiful, among the medicinal plants. Sweet, sun-ripened little wild strawberries, and the relentlessly prickly brambles that we patiently wait for all summer. 

Beneath the veranda and its white decorative woodwork grow the Turk’s cap lilies, around which moths constantly flit on warm summer nights. Nasturtiums and sweet peas that have been climbing behind the green wicker chairs on the veranda ever since they were seedlings.

Besides flowers from the garden, the pattern also features some favourites from the nearby Sundborn river. These are the beautiful but poisonous monk’s hood, the stately yellow water irises and the delicate little water avens. 

The original textile print is extremely personal and was designed exclusively for Noomi’s mum. Some of the flowers were later turned into a hand-painted gouache original, which then became the pattern Blomsterhav. A pattern that’s full of memories, since each little flower bears a personal memory. 

“The pattern is a love letter to my mother, and it was my way of thanking her for the great childhood that my parents gave me".

A childhood filled with love, siblings, pets and a lush garden where we kids got to experience any number of fantastic adventures. In the middle of a run-of-the-mill residential town lies this overgrown oasis that is my parental home. All the animals featured in the textile print are animals that have lived in our garden – except for the herons, which just used to land by the dam to cool off for a while – and every single plant in the pattern is to be found in my parents’ garden.

All colourways

“There’s room here for the grandiose flowering plants as well as the more diminutive wild plants, or even weeds – it’s a motley blend of all my favourites.”

“If the textile print was a love letter to my mother, one might say that Blomsterhav is a love letter to the Swedish summer in the Dalarna of my childhood.”


Noomi takes us through the three colourways. The hand-painted gouache original features a whole 28 different shades!

The pattern with the dark-blue background is the original, and the one most similar to the original gouache painting. Blomsterhav as a pattern was inspired by the woven tapestries of the Middle Ages, which often included a wide variety of beautiful flowers against a dark background, as a backdrop to the main image. 
The colourway with a warm grey background is milder in tone, though still incredibly vibrant and colourful on the walls. A contemporary colourway that will go with most interiors. My personal favourite!
The pattern with the white base is like a crisp, colourful summer meadow! This felt like a really natural colourway for the pattern. It’s a cheerful and energising wallpaper that links back to our colourful Swedish design heritage, and designers like Lisbeth and Gocken Jobs, Josef Frank and Stig Lindberg. I’d say these icons are probably always present when I’m designing and colouring my patterns.


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