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With its folk feel and tribute to Swedish heritage arts & crafts, Folklore is a pattern to complement both the traditional and contemporary home. The inspiration from artist Karin Larsson’s Sundborn interiors is all-apparent in this joyful, appealing design.

Timeless and vibrant, the Folklore design is as traditional as it is contemporary. It is also harmonious and exquisitely well-balanced in form and colour. The collagraph production technique gives the design a lush and vivid hand-crafted feel. This perfectly complements the pattern, which has become a firm favourite in no time – a future classic.

‘It seems I’m not the only one thrilled by this design’, enthuses Ulrica Hurtig, Senior Designer at Boråstapeter. This was an instant best-seller, especially the multicoloured version with its pale background, adorned with wonderfully appealing naturalistic blossoming hues. The pale background gives this wallpaper an airy, warming look.

”I always like to take a peek in the archive when embarking on a collection. Finding a pattern there is a bit like winning the biggest lottery prize.”

Folklore is available in five different colourways

”A fresh take on an original pattern using an innovative palette is such a thrill. With Folklore, I was able to tap into the more naturalistic, rustic colourways currently trending in new-look interiors. All with the aim of achieving that contemporary, honest and tactile touch”

Artist Karin Larsson’s Sundborn interiors are currently a huge inspiration. We are fascinated by our Swedish national flora, our cultural heritage and folk design with its stylised florals, ticking stripe fabrics and artisanal distinctiveness. Here we find folk art that is unpretentious in its joyful, exuberant homeliness. All of these facets are celebrated in the Folklore design.

Ulrica found the design in Boråstapeter’s vast pattern archive; a trove of thousands of time-honoured designs. The original was hand-painted in gouache in the 1950s, and the multicoloured colourway with its pale background is the closest to the original design. The pattern was produced and carefully processed for the Timeless Traditions collection, which is a heritage range with a modern, contemporary feel.



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