With Emma, each room tells a story

Emma Johansson

In 2022, interior design influencer and blogger Emma Johansson, @whatdecoratesmyday on Instagram, is ambassador for Boråstaper. You can follow her projects all year right here.

Floral wallpaper and inspiration from the English countryside in a magical medley of patterns. That may be what best describes interior design influencer and blogger Emma Johansson, who is also behind the Instagram account @whatdecoratesmyday.

“Dare to try! Whatever it is, you can always change your mind. Lower the bar and try not to get decision anxiety.”
These are some of Emma’s home design tips. The recipe for her own absolutely fantastic home seems to be a dash of daring, a bit of circus and an abundance of passion mixed with lots of joy, good taste and creativity. Unique, playful and creative, each room is almost like a small treasure chest. Above all else, a home should be a living, breathing space, according to Emma. 
- “A beautiful home should never become a museum. I want every room to tell its own story and if I love a wallpaper enough, I’ll always find a room for it.” 
Her interior design style flirts with everything from the English countryside to Karin Larsson’s iconic colour combinations and classic Swedish interior design, such as Svenskt Tenn. Painted windows and window frames in contrasting colours, a wallpapered sloped ceiling, and different yet harmonious patterns in each room are testaments to her creative eye for style.

Emma’s interior design tips:

  • “Always check second-hand stores first, both to be environmentally friendly, but also to find objects with a soul, things that someone has used and loved before you.”
  • “When it comes to wallpaper, I know a lot of people are afraid to choose patterns. As a rule, I like to look at the main colour of the wallpaper first and then at the pattern. The great thing about patterned wallpaper is that you almost don’t need any pictures on the walls, because the wallpaper is a work of art itself.”
  • “But if you do want something on the walls, put up mirrors! The great thing about having lots of mirrors is that they make the room feel bigger than it actually is.”
  • “Combine colours – complementary colours always work well together, like red and green, for example.”
  • “Take time to analyse how you use your home and decorate it accordingly. Just because a room is labelled as a bedroom in the brochure doesn’t mean you have to use it as a bedroom.”
  • “My most controversial tip is to skip the TV and especially a TV room. We spend so much time in front of various screens today and decorating a home based on yet another one really bugs me.”

In brief

The house: A detached house, built in the 1920s with 350 square metres of living space. The house is divided into three flats. Emma and her family live in one of the flats with an area of about 150 square metres.

Who lives here: The Johansson/Hedenborn family. Emma Johansson age 39, Mikael Hedenborn age 37, Carl-Philip age 8, Alexander age 5, the family’s four Holland lop rabbits and Lily the toy poodle.

Work: Emma is an influencer, creator, photographer and blogger at Sköna Hem. 

Motto: Don’t be afraid to make the wrong choice; whatever it is, you can always change your mind. Lower the bar and try to let go of decision anxiety.

Current curiosity: We’re building a greenhouse in the garden and it’s going to be so exciting to start planting. There will loads of different flowers.

- “I tend to view rooms as different theatrical stages, where I can get creative, find the mood, and become absorbed in my own creative bubble. I’m happiest when I get to make things myself, when I feel that I’ve made this, from idea and execution to end result. I would rather live with a few flaws.”


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